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FOFA Keyfinder
We ship anywhere in Europe
Tired of losing your Keys, Wallet, Glasses, or your Remote Controls? 

Introducing our Patented
Find One Find All® Key Finders

Once a FOFA Key Finder is attached to your keys and other easy-to-lose things, it can find and be found by all the rest!

Use your keys to find your wallet or your wallet to find the remote control. You can also use one of them as a "base" in a fixed location.

The possibilities are endless.

€ 27.95
€ 27.95

2-Way System
So how does FOFA work? Do I need a "Base"?

Every FOFA is also the "Base". Each FOFA has a built-in transmitter which can signal any of the others, up to 30 feet away! 
The Batteries (Included!) last a year of average use and are available everywhere.

FOFA Keyfinder

FOFA® XD Keyfinder Features

  • Use anywhere, with 2-Way operation, no "Base" Transmitter is needed. 2-Way, Bi-directional Operation
  • Each fofa Key Finder finds the others!
  • No False Alarms!  No clapping or whistling
  • XD Proximity Detect™  radio feedback feature lets you know an item is there but possibly buried. 
  • RF Wireless operation - Works through walls, sofa cushions, laundry baskets, etc
  • Award winning RFID Radio Transponder technology. 
  • One Button Setting - get them going in seconds!
  • Expandable - Use up to  36  FOFA Key Finders in one household or office!
  • Up to 10 meters range. Loud 94 dB beep and flashing LED alarm.
  • Batteries Included!   Uses commonly available inexpensive CR2032 coin cell 
  • Easy Pull Battery Tab activation.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions. Read the FOFA XD Owners Manual! 
  • Attachment hardware and key rings included